Electronic Questionnaire Based Marketing and Research Solutions

By far the quickest and most effective means of gathering up-to-the-minute data on a market or to understand a topic of research is to ask questions directly. Online surveys are a tried and true means of providing both qualitative insight and quantitative data to support theories and assist with strategy development.

Traditional survey methods usually involve time-consuming and laborious work in terms of creating questionnaires, deploying them, receiving and collating the responses, analysing the data and generating reports. This costs time, and money and often makes research projects seem too daunting or too expensive. Sadly, fantastic opportunities are often missed because of this.

SurveyShack's online survey tools remove the hassle and related cost of carrying out market research. What might have taken a team of researchers months to complete can often be managed by one person in just a few weeks. Using SurveyShack's Managed Service, projects of any scale can be run with just a simple brief and a few hours of project management consultation time during a research project.

Even the development of questionnaires is simpler. SurveyShack's library of ready made electronic questionnaire templates often meets client’s needs or provides the starting point for a customised version. Adapting these saves considerable time and very often provides ideas for questions not considered before, thus meeting the client’s needs precisely.

Some of the most common Marketing and Research survey projects catered for include:

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Electronic Questionnaire Based Marketing and Research360 degree feedback benefits

360 degree feedback benefits