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360 Degree Feedback Reviews

A 360 degree reviewprovides a complete view of a manager or team leader’s skills and competency. In a 360 appraisal, an individual rates their own performance and receives feedback from a collection of managers, peers, direct and indirect reports and sometimes even customers and suppliers. This comprehensive review gives candidates insight into how their behaviour, actions and attitudes are perceived by those around them. This gives them a more insightful and unbiased view of their own strengths and weaknesses.


Business leaders frequently comment on how their organisation has a much clearer view of the performance of their managers once they implement 360 degree feedback appraisals as part of their management development process.

In the past, carrying out such detailed 360 feedback involved extensive administration and data processing but SurveyShack’s online 360 degree feedback process takes all the heartache out of setting up and running 360 degree feedback projects. Survey response are usually collected electronically. Where participants may not have easy access to a computer, responses can also be captured in hard copy and entered electronically. The data is analysed and collated into a report that includes a variety of charts, tables and indicators which emphasise positive and negative issues. Feedback is usually given to each candidate face to face, sometimes by an external facilitator or coach.

360 degree appraisals can be conducted at all levels in an organisation. They can be used as stand-alone interventions, but are often more powerful when they are part of an integrated, comprehensive people management and development strategy.